The Ultimate Bro-Tastic Bachelor Party Ideas

Beer, booze and boys. The three Bs that make for a great bachelor party. 

Who wouldn't want a fun bachelor party before his wedding? But there's a fine line between a legendary bachelor party and a stress-inducing bachelor like The Hangover

So instead of flying to Vegas for a night you won't remember, opt for a fun-filled tour. The heart of Tennessee mixed with Nashville brewery tours makes for the ultimate bro-tastic bachelor party for you and your groomsmen.

Keep reading to discover four different Nashville tours to consider for your bachelor party. 

Nashville Brewery Tours

If whiskey isn't your drink of choice, you can also enjoy Nashville with a brewery tour for your bachelor party. 

Plan to check out great places like Tennessee Brew Works and Jackalope Brewing Company. There's also Bearded Iris Brewing, Tailgate Brewery, and so many more. You and your groomsmen will love the number of breweries in the city. 

But don't be intimidated by the number of choices. When you choose Legendary Tours, they do all the leg work for you. All you have to do is show up with your groomsmen ready for a good time and they'll have the perfect tour planned for you. 

Or, if you prefer the more hands-on approach, you can work with Legendary Tours to plan a customized tour perfect for your bachelor party. 

Not only will you taste great local brews, but you'll also experience the culture and stories behind each brew. Professional chauffeurs guide you throughout the whole evening. They even provide entertaining videos while traveling in between locations. 

Whiskey Tour

There are over 20 craft distilleries in the Nashville area, making it a great area for a whiskey tour

You and your men can enjoy a private tour of distilleries such as Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery, Short Mountain Distillery, Corsair Distillery, plus many others. You'll enjoy tasting all kinds of bourbon and even Tennessee moonshine! 

Learn about the craftsmanship, history, and culture behind Tennessee whiskey while having a fun tour. 

You can ask Legendary Tours to create a tour for you or customize your own tour based on your preferences. 

Jack Daniels Distillery Tour

If you and your groomsmen are fans of Jack Daniels, book a Jack Daniels tour. 

This whiskey tour visits Jack Daniel’s Distillery, one of the most notable names in the whiskey world. Choose to spend the majority of your tour there or mix it in with some of the other great distilleries in the area. 

Your tour will include luxurious transportation, free samples of Jack Daniels, and free water and soda for the non-drinkers. You'll not only enjoy your favorite whiskey but also get to know the people and process behind the famous drink. Talk about a night to remember! 

Vineyard Tour

Looking for a classier option for your bachelor party? With more than 150 vineyards and 40 wineries, there's plenty of reasons to book a Nashville vineyard tour with Legendary Tours. 

With a Legendary Tours vineyard tour, you and your bachelor party get to experience more than simply tasting wine. You get to tour the vineyard and learn about the different rows of harvest. You and your buds can then taste grapes straight from the vine and watch the actual production process of creating wine.

Talk about a memorable experience! 

You have the ability to choose which vineyards you want to visit or let Legendary Tours take the reigns. Either way, we will figure out all the small details to create a safe and stress-free experience for everyone. 

And the best part? No one has to be the designated driver. Our professional chauffeurs ensure that everyone can enjoy the tour and taste the wine. 

Music City Tour

If you and your men care more about music than booze, you're in luck — Nashville is Music City. There's never been a better place to enjoy a wide variety of music in one city, enjoy it all with a guided tour of Music City

With a Music City tour, you'll visit the most well-known tourist attractions in Nashville. Your chauffeur will create a tour to your interests, then guide you along the way, sharing the history and stories behind each attraction. 

Some of the more popular tour stops include the Country Music Hall of Fame and Studio B, which is where Elvis recorded some of his most famous hits. You can also see where they filmed the television show Nashville or where Taylor Swift went to school. 


Regardless of your musical tastes, there's a tourist stop in Nashville for everyone. Other popular stops include the Grand Ole Opry and Fort Nashborough. Along with all these attractions, you'll enjoy the cityscape while traveling in a chauffeured vehicle.

The great thing about a Music City Tour is that all ages are welcome. So if you have a younger groomsman that you would like to invite to your bachelor, they can join in on the fun. 

Enjoy Your Bachelor Party in Style

Regardless of whether you choose one of these Nashville brewery tours or a Music City tour, you and your boys will have a great time before your big day. 

Legendary Tours offers all these great options so you can experience middle Tennessee in legendary style. Our team works hard to provide an authentic experience for groups of all sizes and preferences. Because of this, our tours are a great option for birthday parties, corporate events, and all special occasions. 

Don't wait — reserve your tour and book online today! 

Posted on Jun 01 2019

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