Make a Weekend out of Date Night with a Brewery Tour

According to this data, craft brewer sales are on the rise. In fact, craft sales now account for over 24 percent of the $114.2 billion U.S. beer market.

With the industry frothing on up, more couples are taking the time to explore the delicious realm of breweries. Instead of just taking a seat at your local pub, there are so many different ways you and your loved one can get in on the fun.  

Craft perfect date night ideas for you and your beau with these Nashville brewery tours for beer-loving connoisseurs.

1. Pub Trivia

How well do you and your beau know the world? Put your brainpower to the test at one of Nashville's pub trivia nights. You can even win prizes (including free drinks!)  for making the most of what you know.

Working as a team, you and your partner can compete against other couples for a fun, thrilling night.

Have fun with it! Order a new brew, share a soft pretzel, and discover how savvy you both really are. 

After a long week, trivia nights are also a great way to decompress. 

Like many of these date night ideas, pub trivia is an excellent way for you and your loved one to spend time together. Whether you decide to visit Nashville on a whim or live here, the local breweries have a lot to offer.

2. Beer Festivals

If you love a rowdy crowd and a celebratory atmosphere, a beer festival is the place to be. 

Basically a huge, collective beer tasting, these festivals will allow you to explore beer from a variety of regions across the globe. You can check this list for all the local beer festivals upcoming in Nashville.

That way, you don't limit yourself to one brewery. This is also a fun opportunity to hang out with other beer enthusiasts and let the exciting atmosphere take over. With everyone buzzing, that energy becomes a contagious source of fun and enthusiasm. 

While you're coming up with date night ideas, discuss whether you want an intimate setting or energetic crowd. 

Whichever you decide, there are still plenty of Nashville brewery date ideas to discover and explore!


"Brew your own beer," that is. Some local breweries allow couples to try their hand at brewing beer for themselves. 

This is a great brewery date idea for couples who love some hands-on fun. 

Whether you enjoy do-it-yourself projects or just want to learn how to brew your own beer, it's bound to make for a few memories (and laughs). 

You might even decide to pick up a new at-home hobby after trying it for yourself at a local class.

If this date night idea gets you both buzzing, give it a try! Who knows how your brew will turn out (and if it isn't great, just grab a glass of the good stuff and laugh it off).

4. Blind Tastings

Do you both think you're beer connoisseur hotshots? Test your knowledge and your tastebuds at a Nashville brewery tour's blind tasting.

You can even go head-to-head and discover who has a more refined palette. 

If you're not feeling competitive, you can also use blind tastings to discover your new favorite brew. Sometimes letting your tastebuds take lead can help you realize you weren't previously giving a certain brew a fair shot. 

That way, you and your partner can try something new and let your palettes explore some amazing brews. 

5. Drink Up

A Nashville distillery tour is also a great opportunity to turn off your mind and get your drink on!

These date night ideas can help you discover so many new favorite brews at Nashville's finest distilleries. Once you complete your tour, you and your partner can drink up and enjoy your time with one another. 

As an added bonus, a guided Nashville distillery tour means you don't have to drive. That way, you don't have to worry about sobering up early on during your date. You can just enjoy your time together and make the most of all the experience has to offer. 

6. Bar Hopping

Turn your night into an adventure with Nashville's local bar hopping. 

Every brewery in Nashville offers its own unique experience. If you're not the type of couple to keep still, a bar hopping tour can keep you busy and exploring throughout the evening. 

This is also a great opportunity to get a well-rounded experience. That way, you can try beer from different bars and breweries within the city. It's also a chance for you and your partner to compare different brews and enjoy new experiences. 

If you're both social butterflies, this is also an opportunity to meet other fellow beer enthusiasts.

You can make new friends, share your opinions, and learn from each other, too!

Again, since someone else is driving, you don't have to worry. Instead, you can focus on the experience, each other, and all the delicious brews!

7. Backstage Tours

You can also craft your own experience and head out on a legendary private tour. These pub tours are like a backstage pass to the entire beer-making experience. 

If you're curious, a backstage tour can teach you everything there is to know about breweries. Your tour guide can also answer any questions you have. That way, you can expand your knowledge (and maybe prepare for that next trivia night).

These private tours also offer a more intimate experience (compared to the rowdy crowd of a local beer festival).

De-still My Heart: Craft Delicious Date Night Ideas with Nashville Brewery Tours 

With these seven different date night ideas, you can explore a Nashville brewery and make the most of your evening!

Whether you decide to head out on a pub-hopping adventure or brew your own beer at your local brewery, these date night ideas are full of new experiences. Try each one and expand your title as beer enthusiasts with every new adventure. 

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Posted on Jun 03 2019

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