How to Choose the Best Nashville Tour for Your Group

Are you planning a trip to Nashville? Or maybe you are looking for a girl's or guy's night out. Whatever the reason, consider a Nashville tour for your group. 

Organizing a tour allows everyone to enjoy unique activities. Hire a tour company or a professional driver who is knowledgeable about the city so you too can relax and enjoy the fun.

Your tours of Nashville can be for a small group or enough people to fill a tour bus.

Before booking the activities there are a few things you will want to consider. First and foremost you want the tour to be convenient for the group. If people are not excited about the total plan, try narrowing the stops down to what people showed the most interest in.

Have you been charged with planning a group tour in Nashville? Keep reading to see how you can create a dynamic tour for your group.

Determine the Size of the Group

Before you start planning a Nashville tour determine how many people will participate. Knowing this number will impact the type of tour to plan. It can also affect the cost per person for the tour.

If minors are a part of your group you will want to include things they will enjoy as well.

The larger your group the longer it may take to navigate through some of the stops. Depending on how much time you have, your tours can span over multiple days.

Smaller groups aren't necessarily easier to move from location to location. Having a group of 10 or fewer people makes visiting Nashville tourist attractions more intimate.

Explore Options for your Nashville Tour

Once you have solid numbers on your group you can start looking at options for your Nashville tour. Having a group of adults means adding stops at popular distilleries. These are guaranteed to be a hit.

Nashville is known for its country music roots. It's not known as "Music City" for nothing. You will want to include a stop at the Grand Ole Opry House and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Also, make time to visit historic Music Row. 

There are several museums to explore to learn about Nashville's rich history. Taking in a few can be a fun educational outing for families.

Choose a Mode of Transportation

The type of transportation you will need is based on the size of your group. If you are planning a tour of popular Nashville tourist attractions for a large group contracting for a 48 - 55 passenger tour bus is the best option.

The tour bus driver will have extensive knowledge of the city and the places on your tour. It's more convenient than doing a caravan of personal vehicles. Plus, if someone needs rest or doesn't want to visit a particular attraction they may be able to hang back on the bus.

For smaller groups, there are still options available for hired tours. Tour companies often offer 15-passenger vans. You can also consider hiring a car service if there are only a few people.

It is highly recommended that you go with a tour service if touring distilleries. This way you have a designated driver and can relax and truly enjoy the festivities.

Research Restaurants and Plan for Lunch or Dinner

A day of touring means making time to stop for a meal or two. The tour company may have suggestions on places to stop that will complement your tour. You also have the option to select your own eateries.

Southern cooking is one of the best features of the south. You simply can't miss out on the chance for some down-home meals. No trip to Nashville will be complete without getting some mouthwatering barbecue and other popular cuisines. 

Keep it authentic and stay away from buffets. Look for dining experiences that speak to Nashville culture and traditions. Pair it with some good bourbon and fruit tea.

Calculate the Cost Per Person

Once you have the number of attendees, and the places you will visit, calculate the cost per person. It is important to figure in the driver's tip. It's also recommended that you add a percentage for incidental costs that may occur.

Adding in the cost of meals is not recommended. Your group should have the option to select their own meals. It also keeps the organizer from having to deal with planning a menu.

Keep in mind, for large groups you will need to plan ahead for stops at restaurants and will be subject to a group service fee.

Give a definite deadline to have tour fees paid. You may want to go with an event app to help organize your event.

Finalize your Plans

You've picked your tours, set the price, and notified your group. As your visit to Nashville nears, you will want to get your group excited about the visit.

Send reminder emails to those that have not committed to the trip. Also, reach out to anyone who has not paid. 

Stay in touch with the tour company to ensure everything is going to happen as planned. If there are any last minute changes, you'll want to let your group know as soon as possible.

Capture the Moments

The time has arrived. Be sure to capture moments at every tourist stop. Take a lot of group and individual photos to share with family and friends.

It is a good idea to create an IG or Facebook group so everyone can share photos and video in a central location.

Make sure you tag businesses that you patronize at all of the tour stops. It's also cool to leave recommendations on social media.

If the Nashville tour service was great, leave a glowing recommendation on TripAdvisor, Google, and all of their social media channels.

Enjoy your Tour

A planned Nashville tour is a great way to explore this great city. It is also an awesome way to build relationships. 

Are you planning a trip to Nashville? Book now to experience one or more of our legendary tours. 

Posted on Jun 01 2019

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