9 Must-Visit Distilleries Near Nashville

Are you planning a trip to Nashville soon and enjoy drinking spirits? Then you'll be pleased to know that it has plenty to offer in the way of distilleries.

We're not saying you should get blackout drunk on your trip here, but you should definitely get a taste of the local spirits. In this article, we'll show you 9 must-visit distilleries near Nashville.

1. H Clark Distillery

If there's any distillery you need to visit, it's this one. It's the first legal one to open in Williamson County ever since the Prohibition days. Also, it's owned by Heath Clark, who's the attorney who pushed for it to become legal for distilleries to operate once again.

Here, you can enjoy free tours of the craft distillery from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. Plus, you can get a tasting for a steal at just $10.

2. George Dickel Distillery

If you're looking for an older distillery, you'll find it at George Dickel Distillery. It opened its doors officially in 1958, but it was first established in 1878. During the Prohibition era, they still operated, but under the guise that they made medicinal spirits for their neighbors in Kentucky.

At this distillery, you'll find an aged 90-proof, chill-filtered smooth rye whisky (this distillery purposely spells the spirit without an "e"). For those of you who are daring, there's also a Tabasco-infused whisky on offer.

You can take a tour of the distillery for just $10 and get a free tasting if you're over 21.

3. Corsair Distillery

This distillery is also a destination on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail that includes, not only, whiskey, but also craft beer. It was started by childhood friends, Andrew Webber and Darek Bell, in their garage.

This distillery has earned over 800 medals in worldwide competitions, so you know they've got good stuff. Corsair Distillery's been so widely successful that they have two locations.

The second is known as a "brewstillery," which is where you'll find not only high gravity beers and malt whiskey, but also beer cocktails and whiskey tastings. So give this distillery located in a trendy neighborhood a try.

4. Short Mountain Distillery

Get a taste of some skillfully make moonshine at this small-batch distillery. You'll find it on a farm in Cannon County. In addition to moonshine, Short Mountain Distillery also makes organic Tennessee whiskey and bourbon whiskey.

While moonshine is known as crude, bathtub liquor, you won't find that here. Ronald Lawson and Ricky Estes work here, and they're famous for the stuff they make. In fact, they've been making moonshine before it was legalized.

They've added flavors to their moonshine to appeal to people of all tastes. You can get flavors like apple pie, peaches, and peppermint. 

5. Jack Daniel's Distillery

Chances are, you've had Jack Daniel's before. So there's no way you can visit Nashville and not make a stop at this distillery.

You'll find several options for tours when you visit Jack Daniel's Distillery. They even have a dry tour for those who don't wish to partake in drinking, but are still interested in how the whiskey is made.

What you drink in most bars is their Old No. 7, but here, their most famous whiskey is the Gentleman Jack. Make sure you give that a try, as well as their cinnamon-flavored Tennessee Fire.

6. Leiper's Fork Distillery

Leiper's Fork Distillery is located in a barn that used to be a cabin that was constructed over 200 years ago. Because of that, you'll feel a frontier atmosphere when you step foot in this barn.

Most Nashville distilleries have developed their own style of whiskey that's different from ones in Scotland and Ireland. But Leiper's Fork Distillery decided to go the traditional route.

Here, their whiskeys have more barley than other Nashville whiskeys, which makes them similar to those from across the pond. You can take a tour of the distillery for just $10.

7. Nashville Craft Distillery

If you're looking for a new and modern distillery, this one may be for you. Nashville Craft Distillery only just opened its doors in May 2016 and is owned and run by a forensic scientist named Bruce Boeko.

This distillery is famous for its sweet spirits, so if you have a sweet tooth, get yourself down there. They have spirits such as Nashville Honey Spiced Honey Liqueur and Tennessee Waltz Whiskey (fig and chocolate flavors).

8. Prichard's Distillery

For some interesting rum and whiskey, make a stop at Prichard's Distillery. Here, they make small batches of both spirits in copper pots. Then, they're stored in white oak barrels.

Because of the distilling process, this distillery has spirits that don't taste like any other spirits you'd find in the world. Make sure you take a tour of their facilities, since it includes some free samples!

9. Nelson's Green Brier Distillery

This is another distillery with history. Nelson's Green Brier Distillery was first founded in the 1800s by a German candle maker named Charles Nelson. However, it had to shut down during the Prohibition period. Currently, it's owned by 2 of his great-great-great-grandsons!

The two (Andy and Charlie) have created a liqueur in their great-great-great-grandma Louisa's honor. It's called "Louisa's" and it has robust flavors and aromas of caramel, coffee, and pecans.  As a liqueur, it is sweet but not too sweet, so you can drink it neat or on the rocks.

Visit These Amazing Distilleries Near Nashville

With so many choices of distilleries near Nashville, you'll be hard-pressed for time trying to visit all of them! If you're not spending an extravagant amount of time in the area, just pick a few you'd like to visit and save the rest for later.

If you'd like to go on an organized tour instead of putting one together yourself, please get in touch with us today!

Posted on Jun 25 2019

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