4 Tips to Enhance Your Whiskey Tasting Tour

Have you made plans to take a whiskey tasting tour at one, or more, of the distilleries near Nashville? If so, then you will want to read more about our 4-Step whiskey tasting method in this article.

So before you even think of lifting a glass of your favorite Tennessee whiskey, here are the basic tasting rules to follow to get the most out of each sip:

1. Observe The Color

  • The light the color usually means the light whiskey will taste
  • The darker the color generally means the longer the whiskey has been aged and the higher proof it will be

2. Nose The Whiskey

  • Before you take a sniff, keep your mouth open slightly when you’re smelling the whiskey. This way, you won’t inhale as much alcohol.
  • This stops the alcohol, in the whiskey, from burning the inside of your nose, which can prevent you from smelling all the individual notes.

3. “Chew” The Whiskey

  • Swirl it around your mouth so it covers your tongue and all your taste buds.
  • This will allow you to taste the sweet notes on the tip of your tongue and the sour notes on the sides.

4. Notice The Finish

  • As you swallow, breathe through your nose so that the fumes rise-up into your sinuses.
  • Note the flavor that is left behind after you swallow, and how long it lasts.

While you are at your favorite distillery, you will be able to enhance the tasting tour experience by using these whiskey tasting tips. However, in addition to this method, it is a good idea for those new to whiskey tasting to start with lower proofed whiskeys first.

Also, feel free to add water as it opens-up the whiskey and will allow you to notice new flavors.

If you would like to learn more about whiskey tastings, or planning your next distillery tour, then check out these other blog articles related to whiskey tours and distilleries in and around Nashville.

Posted on Jun 26 2019

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